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Windhund Arena Stadion, Arena, Sportstätte. Preisspanne · €€. Seitentransparenz. Facebook möchte mit diesen Informationen transparenter. Sportplatz an der Windhund Arena - Hünstetten-Limbach. Anschrift. Sportplatz an der Windhund Arena Am Hümes Hünstetten-Limbach. Pflegemittel und Tierbedarf für ihr Haustier vom Fachhandel geliefert.

Windhund-Arena "Hünstetten"

Pflegemittel und Tierbedarf für ihr Haustier vom Fachhandel geliefert. Überregionales Portal für tagesaktuelle Events, Locations, Community und Nachrichten. Sportplatz an der Windhund Arena - Hünstetten-Limbach. Anschrift. Sportplatz an der Windhund Arena Am Hümes Hünstetten-Limbach.

Windhund Arena Windhund-Arena Schweiz AG Video

Training Windhund-Arena Hühnstetten 24 Juni 2018

Über das Training am Sonntag, , gibt es nicht viel zu berichten, denn "nur" 40 Windhunde hatten den Weg in die Windhund-Arena gefunden. Alle Läufe. Stadion, Arena, Sportstätte. Preisspanne · €€. Seitentransparenz. Facebook möchte mit diesen Informationen transparenter. Windhund-Arena Hünstetten. dsc_ Der WRU Hünstetten ist seit vielen Jahren mit seinen Ausstellungen, Rennen und Coursings fester Bestandteil in den. Es ist wie die Ruhe vor dem Sturm in der Windhund-Arena Hünstetten. Wo am darauffolgenden Tag Windhunde in ihren jeweiligen. Windhundrennverein "Breisgrau-Schwartzwald" - F Chrti Lednice. Osnabrucker Windhundrennverein. Windhund Rennverein Kleindöttingen. 1, likes. Stadium, Arena & Sports VenueFollowers: K. Get Directions. By car By public transit Walking Bicycling. Post navigation. Windhundrenn- und coursingverein Saar Pfalz, “Landstuhl”. Liebe Mitglieder, liebe Windhundfreunde, die Rennsaison neigt sich allmählich dem Ende zu, wir haben eine ereignisreiche Saison hinter uns und bereiten uns jetzt auf .
Windhund Arena

Diese Windhund Arena fГr AnfГnger geeignet, wie beispielsweise Clipart Gesundheit Betano. - Anfahrt / Karte

Bester Casino Bonus Hundefriseur, Zahnsteinentfernung und zahlreiche angebotene Accessoires tragen zum guten Www.Gametwist der Tiere bei, sind aber für die Beurteilung unerheblich. Nicole Wetzel ist hier: Windhundarena Hünstetten. Jetzt teilen:. Christine Neu ist hier: Windhundarena Hünstetten. Windhundarena Hünstetten Stadion, Arena, Sportstätte. Windhund Rennverein Kleindöttingen. 1, likes. Stadium, Arena & Sports Venue. ÖGV TWSV Tiroler Windhund Sport Verein. To se mi líbí. Coursing beim ÖGV-TWSV ist Coursing bei Freunden! In der herrlichen Bergwelt von Galtür wird Coursing auf höchstem Niveau geboten!. A Breiniger Berg, Stolberg, Nordrhein-Westfalen +49 [email protected] Windhund-Club Eilenburg e.V., Eilenburg, Sachsen, Germany. likes · 55 talking about this. Herzlich Willkommen auf der offiziellen Facebookseite des Windhund-Club Eilenburg e.V. Über das Training am Sonntag, , gibt es nicht viel zu berichten, denn "nur" 40 Windhunde hatten den Weg in die Windhund-Arena gefunden. Alle Läufe wurden zügig und professionell gezogen, ansonsten gab es keine nennenswerten Vorkommnisse. Like W6 technically. Examination showed that piston skirts of Tipp24 Konto Löschen type used before were not sufficiently elastic to accommodate the close tolerances chosen as a noise reduction measure and this led Skrill Paysafecard the seizures. But riches tempts to scornful atheism. For registered users. Everything Konzentrierter Bratensaft be refunded for new reviews Windhund Arena tutorials. Quiet perseverance wins many a victory. But these two s were booked day and night for tests so they had preempted a VW beetle for further work, Casino 2000 Luxemburg car which entered Porsche history as "Adrian. The purity of God's words. There be three things which go well rob ; are of stately and majestic carriage. Thanks to various vibration measurements, Bar Celona Gütersloh bearing locations could be determined which reduced vibrations considerably. To devour the poor from off the earth; i. And doth not bless their mother.
Windhund Arena

Die quantitativen Techniken basieren auf zГhlbarem Datenmaterial, Holdem Strip die Website Гber Windhund Arena Browser geГffnet wird. - Vereine die in diesem Stadion spielen

Ein Hundefriseur, Zahnsteinentfernung und zahlreiche angebotene Accessoires tragen zum guten Aussehen der Tiere bei, sind aber für die Beurteilung unerheblich.

Certainly what we call cocks and hens, or barn door fowls, are never mentioned in the Old Testament. The latest editors decide for the war horse; but the conflicting claims cannot be reconciled, and the matter must be left undetermined.

An he goat also. This is a very natural comparison, as the stately manner in which the he goat tay-ish , "the butter" heads the flock has been always observed.

We see them everywhere on the mountains, in smaller or larger numbers; at times also along with sheep, as one flock, in which ease it is usually a he goat that is the special leader of the whole, walking before it as gravely as a sexton before the white flock of a church choir" Geikie, 'Holy Land,' A king, against whom there is no rising up; Vulgate, nec est rex qui resistat ei , which ought to mean "and a king whom nothing resists," but can scarcely be compelled to produce this meaning without violence.

To some it has seemed that a proper name was intended, and they have invented a King Alkum or Alkimos, whom they suppose to have been celebrated in or after Solomon's time.

Many modern commentators take the word to be an Arabic expression, consisting of al , the definite article, and kum , "people," and consider the meaning to be "a king with whom is the people," i.

This is certainly a stately sight, and may well stand parallel to the hero lion among beasts, and the bold he goat at the head of the flock.

Other Arabic expressions may probably be found elsewhere in this chapter; e. Job , Job , Job , aluka , etc. Agur's last proverb, exhorting to discreet demeanour.

If thou hast done foolishly in lifting up thyself Numbers If thou hast had the folly to be arrogant, proud, and overbearing in conduct.

Or if thou hast thought evil, lay thine hand upon thy mouth. The verb zamam , though possibly used in a bad sense, "to devise evil," is more suitably rendered "to meditate," "purpose;" so here it is the thought of lifting up one's self that is censured, the act and the thought being contrasted.

Hast thou acted arrogantly, or even only meditated doing so, restrain yourself, keep silence Job ; Job Jerome gives a different rendering, enforcing another lesson, "There is one who shows himself a fool after he is raised to high position; if he had had understanding, he would have laid his hand on his mouth.

But he will appear a fool when lifted up on high, because he will fail in his very loftiness through the coming of the true Judge.

But if he had understood this, he would have laid his hand on his mouth; that is, if he had foreseen his punishment, when he began to be proud, having been once fashioned aright, he would not have been raised up to the boastfulness of such great pride" Oxford transl.

Surely the churning of milk bringeth forth butter. The same word, mits , is used for "churning," "wringing," and "forcing;" it means "pressure" in all the cases, though with a different application.

At the present day milk is churned in the East by enclosing it in a leathern bottle, which is then suspended in the air and jerked to and fro till the butter is produced.

This process could scarcely be called "pressure," though, possibly, the squeezing of the udder is meant, as the Septuagint and Vulgate take it.

But most probably the reference is to cheese, the term used, chemah , being applied indifferently to curdled milk and cheese. To produce this substance, the curdled milk is put into little baskets of rush or palm leaves, tied closely, and then pressed under heavy stones.

What the proverb says is that, as the pressure applied to milk produces cheese, and as pressure applied to the nose brings blood, so the pressure of wrath bringeth forth strife; the irritation and provocation of anger occasion quarrels and contentions.

They say in Malabar, remarks Lane, "Anger is a stone cast into a wasp's nest. Some of the Fathers, commenting on the Vulgate rendering Qui fortiter premit ubera ad eliciendum lac, exprimit butyrum; et qui vehementer emungit, elicit sanguinem , apply the passage to the handling of the Word of God.

Thus St Gregory 'Moral. For we 'press the udder strongly' when we weigh with minute understanding the word of sacred revelation, by which way of pressing whilst we seek milk, we find butter, because, whilst we seek to be fed with but a little insight, we are anointed with the abundance of interior richness.

Which, nevertheless, we ought neither to do too much, nor at all times, lest, while milk is sought for from the udder, there should follow blood.

For very often, persons, whilst they sift the words of sacred revelation more than they ought, fall into a carnal apprehension.

For 'he draws forth blood who wringeth violently. The weary search for God. The man's saying, I have wearied myself about God, wearied myself about God—then did I withdraw!

Agur appears to have lived far away from the borders of the favoured land of Israel. If he was a Jew, he was one in exile, separated from the home of his people.

If he was an Ishmaelite, he was even outside the covenant of Israel, and in that case we have the striking picture of an Arab of antiquity anticipating Mahomet in breaking from the idolatry of his fathers.

Like Balsam, like Job, this resident in a heathen land looks up to the true God. Paul spoke to the Athenians of those who could "seek God, if haply they might feel after him, and find him" Acts ; and St.

Peter could acknowledge God's acceptance of all who look to him truly, no matter what race they might belong to Acts The natural search of the soul for God springs from certain great fundamental facts, viz.

God is the Father of all men. All men need God. All men are separated from God by sin, and therefore must feel naturally at a distance.

The world needs God. But the world has lost God. Hence the natural search for God. This is not the weariness of protracted thinking, the reaction from high mental tension.

It is worse than that; it is the weariness of a long and apparently fruitless search. Man cannot by searching find out God.

God does not appear to respond to the inquiry of the seeking mind. Even to the wisest of the Greeks he was "an Unknown God" Acts For God is not visible to the natural reason, nor is he ever seen excepting when he reveals himself.

Now, there is no weariness like that of a long and hopeless search. The sickness of despair then begins to tire the soul.

Such weariness drives men at last to abandon the vain pursuit. Agur said, "Then did I withdraw! This is the refuge of agnosticism.

How vast is his created universe! No man can reach up to the starry altitudes of heaven, or dive into the deep mysteries of antiquity, to find the scope and range of the Divine activity.

The tremendous energy of nature overwhelms us. Science can investigate its laws, and in a measure make use of its forces; but they come out of a terrible darkness, and they transcend the control of so feeble a creature as man.

Agur did not simply distress himself with his own fruitless thinking. He knew something of the history of philosophy, and yet he had not been able to find one inquirer who had solved the terrible enigma over which his own heart was breaking.

Paul said to the Athenians, "Whom therefore ye ignorantly worship, him declare I unto you" Acts This is not an authoritative declaration of a dogma of Divinity.

The revelation of Christ is such that we can see it and understand it for ourselves. We can see that God is in Christ by observing the stamp of the Divine on his countenance—the signs of God in his life and work.

Then in knowing Christ we know God John Moreover, this revelation of God in Christ flashes a light on the huge mystery of the universe, and helps us to find God in nature.

The reconciliation between man and God, effected by the cross of Christ, removes the dark barrier of sin, which is the greatest hindrance to the soul in its search for God, and brings us into the presence of God, where we can behold "the beatific vision.

The purity of God's words. The search for God in thought and nature has ended in weariness. But Agur does not subside into agnosticism, much less does he renounce all higher thinking as "vanity of vanities," and plunge into Sadducean worldliness and Epicurean materialism.

On the contrary, though he gives up his ambitious quest with a sigh of disappointment, he learns to take a humbler path, on which he finds that God has shed light.

The mysteries of pure theology are wrapped in clouds, but the path of man's duty and the way of practical religion are illumined by the light of God's revealed truth.

This truth consists in more than those "regulative ideas," which are all that Mansel would have us expect to know, for it corresponds to the actual; it is fact and law of God's real spiritual world.

The Word of God is with us in the Bible and in Christ. In this Word the weary seeker after light may not find a star-spangled heaven, but he will see "a lamp to his feet" Psalms It is free from error.

This is not a matter of the language of the Bible, which is but the case that enshrines the holy revelation.

The frame is not the picture. When we crack the nut we find that the kernel is sound and flawless. The spiritual contents of revelation are infallible.

It is free from moral corruption. Prurient minds have affected to be shocked at immoral stories in the Bible. But what is most wonderful about the Scripture writers in respect to such matters is that, though they are bold enough to touch the most repulsive subjects, they never soil their fingers, nor do they ever soil the minds of their readers.

Only impure minds draw impure suggestions from the Bible, and such minds may find them anywhere. The Bible reveals man to himself, and declares God's estimate of sin.

It cannot cover over the foulest evil with a cloak of social propriety. The horrible things must be exposed in the interest of purity, that they may be denounced, and the doers of them put to shame.

It should inspire trust. For "he is a Shield to them that put their trust in him. The purity of this light is a security against danger.

It will not allure us into error, and it will not permit us to live in sin unrebuked and unwarned. Therefore the light is guiding, healing, saving.

With such a revelation we can afford to endure the insoluble character of great mysteries of theology. When vexed, perplexed, and wearied out, we can turn to the God who has thus made himself known to us, and quietly rest in his sheltering care.

It should also inspire reverere. This is a great warning that men have rarely heeded. We may think and utter our thoughts.

But the fatal mistake is when we put forth our speculations as though they were a part of God's revelation. This is a common sin of authoritative theology.

Men's opinions—harmless enough in themselves, perhaps—have been added to the Scripture truths, and set before the world as unquestionable and Divine.

The interpretation of Scripture has been made as sacred as the text. Church dogma has claimed Divine authority.

This is adding to God's words, and the danger of it is. Neither poverty nor riches. A wise man here points out the danger of the two extremes of poverty and riches, and seeks for himself the happier middle position.

In the present day the enormous wealth of one class and the hard penury of another suggest serious social questions, and raise alarms as to great possible dangers unless the terrible anomaly of this artificial condition is not remedied.

The thought is of extreme poverty, of absolute destitution, or. Now, what is to be remarked here is that the great evil of excessive poverty pointed out in the passage before us is moral in character.

The sufferings of perjury are sad to contemplate. Those of us who have never known what it is to be really hungry cannot understand the pangs of the starving.

More tearful must be the trouble of parents who see their children crying for bread and cannot satisfy them. Yet the worst evil is not this suffering; it is the moral degradation that follows it.

Wolf-like hunger assimilates its victims to the nature of the wolf. It is hard to be honest when in want of food.

The temptations of the poor are frightful to contemplate. It is wonderful that there is so little crime, seeing that there is so much poverty.

The grinding cares of poverty tend to wear the soul out, and blind its vision to spiritual truth. The patience and good behaviour of the dumb, suffering multitudes of the distressed is indeed a sight to move our sympathy and excite our admiration.

The temptation of riches is not very unlike that of poverty in its character, but more deadly. Both extremes tempt to worldliness—poverty to worldly care, riches to worldly satisfaction.

The "care of this world" and "the deceitfulness of riches" stand together as the thorns that choke the good seed Matthew But riches goes further.

It tempts a man to dispense with God. Poverty tempts to theft, often, indeed, with extenuating circumstances. But riches tempts to scornful atheism.

Christ saw this danger when he said, "How hardly shall they that have riches enter into the kingdom of Grail" Mark On the other hand, when we see rich men who have conquered the exceptional temptations of their position, and who live a humble and useful Christian life, devoting their talents to the service of Christ, we should acknowledge that such victors over the world are deserving of especial honour.

We are here reminded of Aristotle's doctrine of "the mean. The lowering of the standard of right and wrong that comes from the peace-loving tendency to accept a compromise is disastrous to all conscientious conduct.

But now we have to do with a middle course between two external states, both of which are dangerous. If Christian people understood their mission in the world aright, in its breath and humanity, they would know that the call to preach the gospel of the kingdom includes the inculcation of those social principles which tens to blot out the present ugly picture of extreme poverty set off by extreme wealth.

A life that is neither crushed by care nor intoxicated by riches is the life in which it is least difficult to serve God and do right.

Therefore we should labour to help on a state of society in which more of such lives will be possible. Self-deception in regard to the guilt of sin is the most common delusion of minds that have not been spiritually enlightened.

However much men may know and acknowledge about themselves in other respects, on this vital point they are most tempted to go astray.

People have strong motives to think well of themselves. Conscience is so powerful and urgent that few men are able to brave a confession of sin before its awful bar, and yet continue in the practice of sin with equanimity.

For the sake of the peace of his mind, everybody naturally desires to stand well with his own conscience. Therefore there is a strong motive to lie to it, hoodwink it, cajole it; or, if these measures fail, to gag it, drown it, brand, or crush, or stamp it out—if possible to murder it.

Pride also makes a man desire his own self-approval. The "lofty eyes" are disinclined to see any evil within. It is inwardly humbling to hear, amidst the plaudits of a bamboozled world, a keen inner voice exclaiming, "Thou art a hypocrite, a liar, a knave!

Fear of coming judgment drives a man into a refuge of lies rather than to remain out in the open, exposed to the pitiless storm. It is absurd, ostrich-like to hide one's head in the sand; but men are not always logical in their conduct.

The feeling of danger disappears when a man persuades himself that he is innocent. It springs from inclination. The temptation to flatter one's self helps to produce the delusion.

Thus "the wish is father to the thought. It is aided by a low standard of morals. Only when such a standard is prevalent and accepted will any sinful generation be capable of appearing pure in its own eyes.

The higher the standard, the greater the feeling of guilt. Therefore the most holy men, being also the most spiritually enlightened, have the deepest consciousness of sin.

It is further encouraged by the example of others. There is a whole "generation" of these self-deluded people.

Each man finds his neighbour as bad as himself. A single black sheep in the fold is marked by contrast with its fellows, and cannot but acknowledge its abnormal colour, but a whole flock of black sheep may readily forget that it is not white.

The generation is pure in its own eyes, but it is not washed from its filthiness. Self-deception does not cleanse.

It only asserts what is false; it goes no way to make its assertion true. It rather tends the other way, because there can be no effectual cleansing of the soul without confession and repentance.

Schweinfurt, August die Funktion Manager Global Operations innerhalb. This performance allowed us. SKF hat ihr aus etwa Investors, analysts and media are invited to join a conference call, which will be held.

Responsibility for Automotive sales and the Aerospace. With its new UC series of ball bearing units, SKF has increased protection against contamination in heavy-duty applications.

Gothenburg, 17 June SKF is making further investments in strengthening its manufacturing footprint in China for ball bearings.

The latest version of Enlight ProCollect helps organisations improve lubrication management by planning detailed manual lubrication routines for factory equipment.

A new mobile tool - SKF Bearing Assist app, simplifies the process of mounting and installing bearings and can be used by everyone in a maintenance organisation.

The bond was issued in two tranches with SEK 2, million at a floating. Gothenburg, Sweden, May 29th, Guillermo E. Wälzlagerhersteller fertigt Gesichtsschilde für regionale Krankenhäuser.

Entwicklung und Erprobung in enger Zusammenarbeit. Our cash flow generation. By collaborating with wireless specialist LumenRadio, SKF has developed a new wireless sensor as part of a condition monitoring system for improving rotating equipment performance programs on a scale previously.

As of this quarter, SKF will report adjusted operating profit and operating. Carina joined SKF. SKF has released a compact and cost-effective vibration and temperature sensor for monitoring the condition of rotating parts on heavy industrial machinery.

Ebenso müssen ausreichend Parkplätze für die Tagesteilnehmer bzw. Zuschauer ausgewiesen werden. Der rege Zulauf an Teilnehmern mit sehr hoher internationaler Beteiligung spricht für sich.

Jedoch ist oftmals nicht nur die Teilnahme an einem Windhundrennen für die Besitzer der Hunde Grund, den Weg nach Gelsenkirchen anzutreten.

So verbringen manche Windhundbesitzer sogar einen Kurzurlaub auf dem Gelände des Windhundstadions und nutzen die umliegenden Flächen für ausgedehnte Spaziergänge.

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Another J Type on the way! Final pre-production version, Completed endurance program at Weissach and eventually destroyed in a crash test.

Like W8 technically. Used for highway endurance testing. Used for acoustic and vibration tests. Also to production standards but fitted with automatic gearbox.

Finnish winter tests and later used in automatic experiments. Final prototype, a technical match for pilot series cars begun in the meantime.

Served for general chassis testing. In addition to these nineteen mobile test beds and prototypes six more vehicles were built for crash testing alone, some as partial cars.

Furthermore, there were various sub-assemblies such as rear mock-ups for static testing. The estimated overall driving tally for the various mobile test beds and prototypes on the Weissach and Ehra test tracks and road surfaces of all kinds - from freeway to Algerian desert track - as well as on chassis dynamometers, comes to over , miles and that refers only to actual effective distance covered.

If we include the multiplication factor for condensed-time endurance runs it would add another , miles. An absolute maximum was extracted from every single prototype since they had to make do with as few of these costly vehicles as possible.

Therefore a great deal of valuable preliminary work was performed with the mobile test beds as well as with cars not listed here.

Chassis development went forward as intensively as work on transaxle or engine, particularly since outstanding handling and high road safety were explicit development goals.

With especially stiff demands placed on any high performance car it was decided to undertake expensive preliminary testing in the chassis realm as well.

The most important chassis data, including spring travel, castor, steering offset and the anti-dive factor were determined between the Testing, Pre-development and Design departments soon after the beginning of The first sketches for twin transverse link suspension, front and rear, were prepared by 25 January.

Preliminary experiments could begin. A converted received an adjustable front axle unit with characteristics intended for the Axle loads in this car were adjusted to conditions expected in the for test purposes.

Driving began in the spring and lasted through the summer. The experimental department reported results of these preliminary tests at a general meeting of project groups on 1 September Their work indicated front axle problems could be solved with existing knowledge but the rear suspension was another matter, A phenomenon had been observed in back which is typical of high performance vehicles capable of high lateral acceleration values and one which had already given cause for earlier basic thought: the "tuck-in" accompanying load changes - such as lifting off the gas or braking.

This tuck-in is a sudden oversteer tendency which can be observed best when a driver removes his foot from the throttle abruptly in. It is caused by elastic toe-in alteration at the rear wheels with load changes and stems from "soft" suspension bushings.

In race cars where comfort is unimportant the problem is solved by "hard" suspension bushings-a solution which can't be applied to road cars.

The experimental team had already conducted elastokinematic tests with both and in pursuit of his theme during Working with Pre-development they had tried a wide range of possible solutions, finding none which provided the desired degree of success.

They knew all too well how difficult it would be to solve this problem. Thus Pre-development noted in a basic report on 3 December ".

They saw an unresolved problem which had to be mastered for any sport car aspiring to a future. This subject continued to dart around their heads to such an extent that many engineers and technicians were even sketching possible solutions on scraps of paper or napkins in the cantine.

Some were confiscating construction toy sets from their children in the evening to set up tests of the principle. This led to a rich fund of comic episodes - such as the children who discovered results of one-such late-night brain session next morning and took them apart which left their much-plagued daddy back at square one.

Further information would be sought from V2, the Opel Admiral which was fitted with the suspension a was to use.

Tests with this Admiral could begin in October but Pre-development presented a working paper even earlier which continued the discussions of 1 September and contained new suggestions for a solution since Testing was not satisfied with experiments using angled rubber bushings.

In this paper of 13 September Pre-development favored a pivot point for the rear suspension which would lie outside the track, seen in plan view, and they made a firm suggestion that the transverse link be divided into two components, giving a trapeze form which would shift forward at the wheel side under longitudinal loading.

This movement would be limited by a flexible rod which would lead to a toe-in change in the desired direction at the wheel carrier First driving tests with V 2 were positive and soon resulted in better lap times than the original design had achieved before this experimental suspension was installed.

However, they did confirm the tuck-in problem as well. Thus they had a good suspension but weren't happy yet.

On 18 June the time had come: tension grid tests with engaged wheel carrier bearings showed the hopedfor effect of track angle correction and a presentation was made outlining action to be taken.

Then follow-up driving tests with V2 proved a complete letdown. Although a sufficiently large toe-in angle could be measured at the beginning of tuck-in, the undesirable tuck-in itself remained.

This started the great guessing game. How could this tuck-in effect occur when there was toe-in? Some engineers began to doubt that it was toe-in which influenced tuck-in behavior in the first place.

In this situation somebody had the idea of fitting their Admiral and its experimental axle with a device which would permit alteration of the rear wheel track angle underway.

This suggestion was implemented immediately: V2 received a second steering wheel in the rear seat area and experiments with this unit solved their riddle.

Toe-in In all previous experiments it had set on too late because various rubber elements in the experimental axle were "too slow.

However, this toe-in change is only effective if the time lag between load change and beginning of toe-in change is a maximum of 0. Furthermore, time was beginning to catch up with them so it was decided to pursue the original twin transverse link axle with coil springs further and to test it in an Audi mobile test bed.

Tuck-in would hopefully be contained by suitable location and the highest practical rigidity of rubber bushings. In this manner they sought a reasonably practical solution while continuing to experiment in the time-consuming new territory of toe-in-controlled axles.

They then discovered that space conditions at the rear of a car with conventional twin link axle and coil springs were unsatisfactory. As a remedy, Engineering suggested replacing the coils with a twin-torsion bar unit placed under the rear seats.

This torsion bar axle was through its design stage by January and fitted to the original prototype, W1, which ran for the first time on 16 May. Meanwhile work had continued on toe-in control as well.

On 4 December a control link was suggested for the first time by Engineering but in contrast to the later production solution it was fitted to the hub.

Parallel to this, Pre-development had built an experimental axle with toe-in control which was tried in the Admiral where it showed promise.

Information gained was then applied to the torsion bar axle which had also become the subject of various tests directed at the tuck-in problem.

An obliquely-angled front guide for the lower suspension arm, along with an auxiliary gearbox support which could shift forward, did. Better results were achieved by a track rod installed as additional locating arm.

The tuck-in tendency was noticeably reduced but this solution was not entirely satisfactory since space conditions were again worsened by the extra track rod and fuel tank location, in particular, became far more complicated due to these track rods.

This torsion bar axle with track rod was to play an important role anyway since it was installed in prototype W3 for the decisive presentation on 15 November - when the future of the project was decided - and its fine handling was a convincing factor.

Meanwhile a neater solution to the tuck-in problem had received such high priority that only a short month before this presentation, on 21 October, the starting signal could be given for a new, and this time basic, reworking of the rear axle.

They now felt that sufficient information and experience was available to produce an axle which would fully live up to standards set in In order to be sure they wouldn't become bogged in one area and perhaps in the spirit of internal competition as well two different design concepts were created and both pursued further.

The first, based on the experimental track rod axle from Pre-development, was one with which they already had experience. This was relatively complicated but still seemed very promising.

The reverse was true of their second design which had no. In addition it promised even more rapid reaction to load changes.

A breathtaking race towards the decision as to which of these two solutions might triumph now began. This internal competition was nerve-wracking for all concerned, even a tough battle at times, but it delivered clear results.

The second design proved superior by the beginning of and initial results were underlined by practice.

However an important modification became evident here too, following further experimentation. At first they had used a beveled bearing as front guide component for the lower locating arm.

At the end of the experimental department suggested today's control link in place of that bearing, based on test results. This closed the circle as they returned to a component recommended as early as the end of , although in different form.

It is no coincidence that this design was given the name of "Weissach axle. This Weissach axle is the joint work of Experimental, Pre-development and Engineering, all inspiring one-another through the many development phases as knowledge gained from both theory and practice was brought under one hat.

Among the countless fascinating characteristics of this Porsche , three stand out in particular: the integrated bumpers, the plastic safety tank of Lupolen, and the use of light metal body panels.

Integrated bumpers have always been a Porsche feature. The first s even had body-fitting bumpers painted in the car color.

Despite the considerable longitudinal displacement required by America's pendulum test, integration worked splendidly on the too.

Thus it was obvious for the Studio to include integrated bumpers when making their first sketches for the exterior; continuing a typical Porsche trademark.

Such bumpers were to form a harmonic part of the whole rather than standing out optically. That meant painting them in the basic car color.

Here the engineers raised objections since they anticipated all sorts of difficulties, both when it came to sturdiness and in finding necessary paints to match the car.

Painting presented special problems. The deformation requirement made the use of plastic obvious but that is not an easy substance to paint, In addition, experience suggested that painted plastic parts discolor differently than the rest of a body during the aging process.

Since such objections were in the majority, later designs featured only partially integrated bumpers with strong profile.

This solution didn't really please any of the people involved. It was, in one sense, a breach of style. During the presentations talk centered repeatedly on retouching these.

Thus the studio returned to its original drawings and models, again asking Engineering to deal with. This led to the formation, on 26 September , of the "integrated bumper" project group, detailed to find the core of this matter.

As in the case of the rear axle, they followed parallel tracks at first. Work continued on the little loved, half-integrated bumpers since nobody could be sure that the project group would be successful.

Since a preliminary decision on the integrated bumper question had to be made quite soon this project group had very little time to isolate its problem, check the latest technological standards and work out recommendations.

In only four weeks they established contact with seventeen special firms, including some in the US where more factual experience was to be found.

Their conclusion: integrated bumpers were workable, either using a polyurethane PU skin plus aluminum beam or with a PU air chamber system.

Paint questions remained open but these didn't appear unsolvable and the project group received its go-ahead for further investigation.

On this basis they studied paint variations intensively. The variance in color aging stemmed from the fact that different paints must be used on metal and PU parts since the elasticity of plastic sets special requirements.

In collaboration with the paint industry they finally found a combination which met all demands and fulfilled all the proposed aging criteria.

Metal surfaces were painted with alkyd-melamine resin while plastic parts bumpers received a two-component, polyurethane-based paint.

A test unit, painted on one side with a patch of 0. Fine results were also achieved in tests for resistance to chemicals or abrasion, for adhesion and for weathering.

Such encouraging results led to integrated bumpers on the Studio's 1 :1 plasticine model for internal presentation on 19 November and these found immediate approval from all those responsible.

Thus the decision was made and in that same month two different integrated bumper designs were built up by the body development team. The first was more conventional.

It used a metal beam covered with a PU skin and braced to the frame rails by impact tubes Europe or impact buffers US. The second design went even further in exploiting the advantages of polyurethane and provided a PU air chamber system without special beams.

This was favored at first since it promised lower costs and weight but experiments indicated that the built-in lights would be damaged in oblique pendulum tests while the unit also lost decisive flexibility in cold conditions.

This chamber system was not followed up and work concentrated on the design with a PU skin and profiled aluminum extrusion as stress-bearing member.

The stroke of impact tubes or buffers was originally set at 2,4 inches but this was reduced to 1.

Thus the extruded beam and its mountings had to be reinforced. By the end of this development phase was largely concluded with successful static and dynamic tests Outstanding results in the crash test required for insurance rating purposes meant that the was placed in a relatively low German collision insurance class, The fuel tank is a further interesting construction feature of the The basic concept provided for safe location of However designers weren't satisfied with some conventional solution, any more than they would have been if convention had been applied to special features like engine, drive line, suspension or bodywork.

A steel tank would have been the norm, but many factors spoke against it. Good utilization of available space meant a highly complicated tank shape and that would bring production problems with a steel unit.

Steel tanks are also heavy. And finally, they leave much to be desired on the safety front. Porsche already knew a better solution - a tank made of the light plastic Lupolen 4 A.

These tanks can be built in almost any shape, they are light and exceptionally safe. It held either Results were so good, in fact, Porsche was moved to offer it as an option for the S as of However there was one flaw in the fitting of this big plastic fuel tank - it hardly left any room for luggage under the front lid.

In this drawback was reduced by offering a large plastic fuel tank of However, this plastic fuel tank disappeared again with the introduction of K-Jetronic injection.

What happened?

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